Hello, I'm Morgan!
Hi, I'm Morgan! I'm a game designer from the Isle of Man currently living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved from the Isle of Man to Edinburgh in 2017 to progress academically studying both games development at Edinburgh College and games design and production at Abertay University. I will graduate Abertay this summer and am actively looking for a position as a technical designer at a games studio in the UK or further afield.
During my spare time I enjoy playing FPS games taking an interest in Call of Duty and more predominantly Rainbow 6 Siege where I am keenly interested in the esports scene. I stream my Rainbow 6 Siege gameplay to Twitch and have built friendships across the community attending various tier one tournaments including the Jönköping Major in Sweden and the 2023 Six Invitational in Montréal, Canada.
It is my passion for FPS games that has driven me to a career in the games industry and has played a key part in the development of my final year honours project "Using orthogonal unit differentiation to design tools for weapon balancing in first person shooter games".
When not playing FPS games I enjoy taking part in game jams and challenging myself with personal game design projects. I also am a keen photographer, specialising in motorsport photography. Being from the Isle of Man I am interested in superbike racing as well as being a big fan of both Red Bull Racing and F1 as a whole. My photography can be seen over on my photography portfolio MRGN.Media.
Enjoy checking out the rest of this website and I hope you find my work interesting. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them so either fill out the form here or email me hello@morgan.games.