Project Overview
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Project Type: Third Year Professional Project
Platform: Unity
Academic Institution: Abertay University
Team Size: 8
Skills Developed: C#, team leadership, project management, technical design
Aki is a vertical slice of a narritive driven walking simulator where you play as a spirit walker named Aki. Aki takes the form of a dog guiding lost souls to the spirit realm. I worked as producer and technical designer on this project and attained an A grade for my work. Aki was featured in the 2021 installment of IndieCade Horizons and won the community choice award in the SGDA play party.
This project was developed as part of a set brief by Into Games, the idea being that we test the feasibility of running three week long game jams throughout the year. This model would then later be rolled out across schools and colleges to promote STEM.
My primary role was that of producer, running the team and ensuring a smooth week-long jam. Due to the nature of the game jam and the team being of a small size I also picked up a lot of in-engine design work.
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