Weapons++ Unity Weapon Balancing & Data Analysis
My honours project "Using Orthogonal Unit Differentiation To Design Tools For Weapon Balancing In First-Person Shooter Games" explores the use of data abstraction in the Unity editor as a tool for weapon balancing in FPS games. This project is currently in progress and will be showcased in the Abertay Digital Graduate Show.
Graphs++ Unity Editor Graphs Extension (WIP)
A key part to my honours project, Graphs Plus is the name I have given to a Unity editor extension that allows developers to easily integrate graphs into their tools. I hope to develop this further and eventually release it on the Unity asset store. This project will also  showcased in the Abertay Digital Graduate Show.
The Social Space
The Social Space is a vertical slice proof-of-concept that was developed as part of my third year professional project. During the pandemic almost everyone had their social lives stripped away and acts such as visiting the cinema became impossible. I wanted to recreate the experience of visiting the cinema with friends in a virtual space. I worked as producer, lead designer and programmer on this project. I was awarded an A grade for my work on The Social Space and was shortlisted for Dare 2021.
Out of Your Depth
Out of Your Depth is a first person management game that puts you in the driver's seat of a cold war era submarine. This demo was developed by a small team of university students during our second year practical project.
Aki is a vertical slice of a narritive driven walking simulator. This work was part of my year three professional project where I worked as producer and ran a small team of developers.
Analytics & Data Driven Game Design Project
I was particularly interested in the analytics and data driven design module path during my third year at Abertay. I worked with a variety of data collection tools as well as developing my own.

Motorsport Photography
One of my favourite passtimes is motorsport photography. I am from The Isle of Man so motorsport has always been a part of my life and I love capturing its greatest moments
Oodle Doodle Feudle
Oodle Doodle Feudle was my final year graded unit project at Edinburgh College. A wave based first person shooter inspired by the theme "handmade". I recieved an A grade for this project.
Game Jams
I have also taken part in a number of game jams to improve my skills as a game developer and experiment with technologies that interest me.
3D Modelling & Game Art
While I do not regard myself as an artist I undertook an art module during my second year of university. I think it is important to understand the content pipeline and as a technical designer very important to understand the technicalities of 3D art generation.
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