Project Overview
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Project Type: Third Year Professional Project
Platform: Unity
Academic Institution: Abertay University
Team Size: 8
Skills Developed: C#, team leadership, project management, technical design, multiplayer networking
The Social Space is a vertical slice proof-of-concept that was developed as part of my third year professional project. During the pandemic almost everyone had their social lives stripped away and acts such as visiting the cinema became impossible. I wanted to recreate the experience of visiting the cinema with friends in a virtual space. I worked as producer, lead designer and programmer on this project. I was awarded an A grade for my work on The Social Space and was shortlisted for Dare 2021.
You will find a few game jams in my portfolio that contributed towards my personal development as a developer and technical designer. These jams helped to improve my skills designing networked systems for multiplayer gameplay.
I developed most of the initial demo with the rest of my team joining the project later on to help create art assets as well as design the enviroment the experience takes place in.
Registering custom URL protocol to connect to The Social Space through a web server browser
Testing inital multiplayer functionality using Mirror Networking with a client/server model
Testing Unity render texture functionality for live video playback
Designing and developing a system to parse YouTube URLs into streamable MP4 files to playback on a render texture
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